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General Info and Announcements

Building Updates!

We have been busy! If you saw pictures or stopped by in person over the last month you know what we started with and how much work we have done. We still have a lot to do (re-do the locker/shower rooms, re-carpet the stairs and rooms upstairs, paint and install rubber mat flooring in the second workout space, finish the kitchen, and finish the entry way) BUT, we have a lot done too!

Here are some pics of where we are at now…

Spring Class Schedule – Input Wanted!

We are working on being accessible to everyone, that has been our goal since Day 1. We have tried very hard to remove all of the excuses and “barriers to entry. ” We have chosen a downtown location with parking, we have showers (that do need to be re-done), we have safe spaces for kids, we have a lounge area, we have a kitchen/bar stool area, and we are working on a class schedule to fit everyone’s needs.

We would really like your input on a few times for class offerings. We know we have requests for 9am, noon, and 7:30pm. Now we would like to know if we have any folks who are already members or who are thinking about being members who would like an early morning/before work class – 5:30am/6:00am/6:30am time frame? Would you regularly come to a class that early? What exact time works best?

We also want to know what times after work/evening it would be best to start having classes. 4:00/4:30? What times would people be interested in around then? We will then have a 5:30pm, 6:30pm and 7:30pm class.

Thank you so much for your input. It is truly very valuable for us and we want to be as accommodating as we can to as many people as we can. If you have an opinion – now is the time to please let us know!

Edrick the Gym Dog

As long as I have dreamed about having my own gym, I have planned on having a gym dog.


I am not sure why they seem to go hand in hand for me. Maybe it was because my very first experience with CrossFit and being a CF Member involved a gym dog.  She was a fantastic little dog that was so well behaved. She greeted people when they came in and sat on her bed during the WOD, never getting in the way. Having her there every day was as much of a fulfilling experience as the actual work out. I was even lucky enough to take her home and watch her when the gym owners were away. She set the bar for gym dogs.

So, we had the perfect storm or time, opportunity, and availability to drive the 10 hours into Canada and pick up our gym dog this weekend. His full name is Sir Edrick Jameson (the Great), but we (and you) can just call him Edrick.


He is an Irish Wolfhound and he will be huge! Tall, more specifically, and lean. They are also known to be very mild and mellow and even timid. I wouldn’t expect him to ever bark. I would expect him to be very good with everyone that comes through our gym doors. They are known to be extremely gentle with kids, though there sheer size can be intimidating.



He is a bit shy and still learning how to be with our family. I am sure the gym noises will scare him at first, but he will adjust. It is all a little overwhelming for him right now – and who could blame him?!?!

He will be at the gym every day, he is CrossFit Recursive’s Community Gym Dog – so stop in soon to meet him!

Looking for Member #8!


We have had a very busy week! Thank you to all that showed up to Nikole’s Birthday WOD – she (and Dirk) did 40 burpees, 5 for each person there! It was a great group of people – we are so glad to have met all of you. (Awesome brownies – thank you Sara!)

We have classes at 9am and 6pm tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday. Please come join us!

We have a member who wants to be Member #9…so we need a Member #8 – who wants to step up and help us out? 🙂 Contact us for details.

Better Than Yesterday…

As we are working long hours to get everything done before we officially open April 1, I am reminded that building a gym and a community is much the same as being an athlete. We need to remember that we are always getting Better Than Yesterday (a sign that I have hanging above my back door that I see every time I walk into my house – a sign you will see shortly at the gym too.)

We may have a long way to go, but we need to look back and remember how far we have come. What we are doing is not nothing. It’s something. Every day we are making progress – in getting the gym ready, in meeting new people to be part of our new community, and as athletes training our bodies. As an athlete, remember that on those days where things seem to not be going well.

photo 2
Wall ball targets ready to be used!

photo 1
We got really involved in spray painting those new wall ball targets for everyone’s wall ball enjoyment – with the green and orange we look ready for St. Patty’s Day partying!

photo 3
We have decided to color code our equipment. Orange is typical Men’s Rx, Green is for typical Women’s Rx, and Yellow is for the Scaled options. (I may suffer from some minor OCD tendencies…)

Gun racks, bars and plates! (That silver bar in the right corner is Betsy – she was our very first Oly bar. We had to duct tape over the center knurling so she didn’t scratch us all up. She was a good bar and we loved using her in our backyard and garage gym over the last couple years. You will see her hung in a place of honor in the gym as a reminder to us of where we started.)

Colored coded wall balls!

We have spent long hours and late nights at the gym the past 2 weeks. Our 3 kids have been great helpers – they painted the 2 kids’ rooms yesterday, then feel asleep in a pile of towels…

Schedule Updates

CrossFit Recursive Main Floor

Our schedule for the rest of March will be a bit fluid. We are trying to get as much done as we can to be ready for our official opening date of April 1st, but also accommodate the really awesome response we’ve had to our new gym. We have had several people attend every class we’ve held this month – that is amazing! We are so excited for all the new members we have and all the people coming through to check us out. We definitely want to keep having as many classes as we can!

For this week, we will have classes Tuesday and Wednesday at 6pm, Saturday at 2:00pm and Sunday at 12:30pm.

NO CLASSES Thursday or Friday this week as we really work on getting the flooring and Olympic Lifting Platforms installed.

We will always try very hard to make sure that any schedule changes are posted on Facebook, show up in the WOD feed and reflected accurately on our on-line calendar located on the Schedule page of our web site.

Thank you so much for your patience, understanding, and support.

So Much Happening!

There is SO much good stuff going on at CrossFit Recursive! We have had our first full week working on the gym full time – which have been long and fulfilling 14 hour days. We have finished painting the main workout space AND painted our logo on the wall.

CrossFit Recursive logo on the wall!

We have started to grow our community little by little and have people taking advantage of both of our Early Membership Options.

Box Jumps and burpees at CrossFit Recursive.


We’ve also had people take advantage of our free trial classes weeknights at 6:00pm, Saturdays at 10:00am or 2:00pm, and our 2014 CrossFit Games Open Workouts on Sundays at 12:30pm. (See our Schedule page. If these times don’t work for you, please contact us to schedule a different time – we definitely want to meet you!)

We are posting WODs daily on our site and Facebook. We have a tentative schedule posted for March and April. As we get more members we will gladly add more classes and Open Gym time to meet members’ needs.

Our pull up rig will get installed Monday. The flooring and Olympic lifting platforms will follow shortly. The goal is to have the main workout space up and running by the end of next week. Then we can start working out in there!

After the main floor is all set up, we will focus on getting the smaller workout room outfitted. Then we will move on to the upstairs rooms and get those ready for all the kiddos!

We are so fortunate and so excited to have had such a great response so far and so much interest in our new and growing community. Please consider joining us for a workout – we’d love to meet you!


Paying for Your Membership – Did You Know?

Did you know that some insurance companies offer you a rebate for gym memberships?

Unity  – Fitness First
GHC – Exercise for Excellence
PPlus – Good Health Bonus

Some Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) will reimburse you for gym memberships as well, if submitted correctly.

We want to make it easy and accessible for you to take care of yourself. If there are any other insurance company programs we can be a part of, please let us know.

And contact your insurance company to see what they can offer you!