Power Cleans

Calories on the Rower
Hang Power Cleans (75/55)
*200m Run after each round

Let’s work on those Power Cleans today! We’ll start with that barbell on the floor, use those hips and pop that bar into a good front rack position. When you receive the barbell for a power clean, you should still be in a good position to squat if you had to, you are just catching in a partial squat – anything above parallel is considered a power clean. You should NOT be leaning back and landing with your feet in a super wide stance!

We are going to then do some really light weight hang power cleans and rowing for calories. Those hang power cleans should feel really light after the heavier cleans we did earlier in class. Your grip strength, however, from the hang cleans and grabbing the rower handle will become an issue in the workout. But don’t worry, I have your back – you can head out for a 200m run in between each round to shake those hands out!

For larger classes, have half start on the rower and half start on the cleans.