Member Spotlight – Kathryn Swartz

My first CrossFit workout? It was a 7 min AMRAP of 7 burpees and 7 air squats.  I remember starting this workout and thinking this isn’t so bad…then after 2 minutes I was hurting something awful. I knew I was about to get my butt kicked by something that seemed so easy at the start.

How did you find CrossFit Recursive? I was a member at a different affiliate, but wanted something closer to home and to work, and saw Recursive was opening. I joined right away, and was the ninth person to join the gym. I still have my member #9 t-shirt.

What has been the most fun so far?  I absolutely love the community and friendships at Recursive.  It has been so welcoming and inspiring to be surrounded by so many wonder people and athletes.

Something we might not know about you? I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal for 2 years…back when I thought it would be a good idea to live without electricity, running water, or a proper toilet for 2 years.

Occupation? Physician

Favorite CrossFit Movement? Deadlifts, or anything else that requires a barbell!

Least Favorite CrossFit movement? Running.  That may be the worst part about Recursive is that since we are on the bike path we inevitably have running in WODs all the time.

Your ideal WOD?  Bear complex or some other barbell heavy WOD.

Greatest CrossFit accomplishment so far? Just keeping at it, trying to show up when I can with busy schedule and kids.

Things that interest you outside of CrossFit?  I like spending time with my two kiddos, gardening, and yoga.