A couple of years ago, I decided to make some changes in my life. I wasn’t happy with my health or how I felt about myself and realized it was time to do something about it. I started working out more, eating right, and finally, after some persuading from friends, decided to try CrossFit.

My friends (including Todd Kinsman) were pretty convincing, but they also just wouldn’t stop talking about it, so I figured it was time to get in on the conversation.

When I started at Recursive, I brought a lot of nervousness with me, not much confidence, and a very fixed view of myself. I don’t have an athletic background and thought that being an athlete or just being fit was not necessarily part of who I am.

I had also barely ever touched a barbell or done any of the movements we do in class. My first class included handstand push ups and pistols, and somehow, the coaches and community convinced me to come back.

What I’ve learned from being at Recursive is that I’m capable of a lot more of than I thought. It feels great to know how much I’ve grown from that first day and how much more I can grow in the future. Cultivating that growth mindset has helped me at the gym, and also in many other parts of my life.

Plus, it’s ton of fun to come to the gym. I used to be afraid of working out with other people, but now I look forward to coming in and seeing everyone here. Even though I’m usually one of the quieter people in class, the community is a huge part of why I keep coming back.

Especially at Recursive, everyone is accepting of others, inclusive, and ready to support you wherever you’re at. I always leave feeling proud of what I’ve accomplished and uplifted by the community.

I think I held off on writing this because it can sound a little cheesy, but it turns out it’s all true. After being part of this community, I am stronger, have more confidence and know that I’m always capable of more.

And now, just like my friends who convinced me to try it, I am one of those people who won’t stop talking about how great our gym is.