Suitcase Carry
600m with a heavy kettlebell
Alternate Hands each 200m

5 Rounds
15 Ring Rows/Pull Ups/Chest to Bar Pull Ups
30 Alternating Pistols

We are going to work on that grip strength today by doing some suitcase carries! The suitcase carry is a heavy kettlebell in one hand. We’ll go 200m and then switch hands – 600m total. You’ll have to use that core to brace with all that extra weight on one side so you’ll be working more than just that grip strength today!

After that we are going to take those pull ups up a notch and see where we are at with chest to bar pull ups. Today being a strength day is a very good day to work on that pull up strength. Try some strict pull ups, get as far as you can, modify the number of reps each round to make it an appropriate level of difficulty. You can also choose ring rows which will also most certainly work all the muscles needed for pull ups!

We will then give that upper body a rest and work on those pistols! 30 alternating if you are proficient doing them. Modify as needed by lowering the reps, using a box, using a small metal plate for heel height, or a 10 or 15 pound plate as a counter balance. Try a few different variation throughout the workout to work all of the areas that might be weak – this will get you to those pistols on your own faster!