12 Minute Core Series

5 Rounds
200m Run
5 Pull-ups (strict)
10 Sandbag thrusters

Today we are going to run through our 12 minute core series to continue our core work this month! I know you love to hate it, I sure do. Put your mind in a place to push through and get as much of each 50 seconds in the correct position!

After we get through that we have a neat little 5 round triplet. We start with a 200m sprint to make sure our heart rate is nice and elevated. Coming back in from that we have 5 STRICT pullups (stop whining, we don’t do them that often). Finish up your round with 10 sandbag thrusters. The combination of the sprint, strict pullups and thrusters with an unbalanced object should make for quite a core workout on top of all the other fun.