The newest offering at Recursive is our nutrition program. Nutrition is at the base of the CrossFit pyramid.  While it’s awesome to be able to do a muscle-up or triple back handspring your way into a room, ultimately, it’s overall well-being that will impact your quality of life the most.

How you fuel your body impacts your current performance and future health. When considering overall wellness, the 23 hours of your life that occur outside of the gym matter more than the time in the gym.

Our 28 day challenge will help you kick-start a healthy diet that’s sustainable much longer than 28 days. Here’s what will happen:

April 1 or 2: Meet with Valerie or Nikole for a 10-15 minute meeting to establish your base line numbers and set goals.

April 2: 1 hour kick off nutrition seminar, during which you’ll receive the challenge outline, meal plans and grocery lists.

After that, you’ll submit your points weekly and at the end of 28 days, we’ll determine a winner. The winner will not be selected based on weight loss, but rather overall participation in the challenge, which includes emphasis on things like drinking water and sleep.

Spoiler Alert: the challenge awards daily points for taking Omega-3 fish oil (more on that next week) and recovery after workouts, so you might want to order those products in advance (SFH Order Form is on the counter right now!)

Having a group of people participate (there’s a Facebook group!) will provide accountability, which will help you reach your goals and provide support when you’d really like a glass of wine (like I do, right now, but I’m not drinking it).

We are even encouraging you to invite your family and friends to participate. (No need to be a Recursive member – nutrition is important for everyone!) Bring the two to three people you are with the most to do the challenge with you – you’ll have some accountability partners and friends to share food and recipes with!

Coach Valerie started on this plan a week ago, to try it out before we implement it. It’s fairly easy to stick to and can be adapted based on your food preferences. In the first week she’s noticed that her energy seems better and she’s already lost five pounds.

Recursive Members – $59
Recursive Friends and Family – $79

You can sign up online to participate in the challenge right now!