Sunday FUNday!

Today’s Mission:
Date – 24 July 2006
Location – Ramadi, Iraq

After the fall of Fallujah, Ramadi became ground zero for bad guys trying to do bad things. 3 months ago insurgents launched an attack on OP Virginia located in Ramadi. They drove a truck loaded with 1000 lbs of explosives through the wire, detonated it, and forced the Marines of 3/8 to do what Marines do- slay bodies. After the attack on OP Virginia fighting slowed briefly, however within a week assaults became more frequent and daily firefights became the norm.

On the morning of 24 July you’re dug in with the rest of your platoon in the Ramadi Government Center. You’ve been using this building as your FOB for the past few months, so you’re confident in defending this position. There are battles occurring all over the city and you know it’s only a matter of time before they come to you.

Your Mission:

As you sit there eating your Chili Mac the fight begins. Small arms fire erupts from 3 different directions. You grab your weapon and get to the sandbags to return fire. Soon after, an incoming RPG round destroys one of the key barricades surrounding the building. Your platoon Sergeant assigns your squad to start stacking sandbags to fill the hole. You’re job is to take 30 full size sandbags from the ground and place them in a massive stack that’s taller than you.

The Workout:
3 Rounds For time
10 Sandbag Clean and Press (60/40)
15 Burpees