Sunday FUNday!
Relay Race Obstacle Course
Two Teams (split class evenly)
2 Rounds
1. Kettlebell Shuffle
2. Yoke Climb
3. Rope Climb
4. Heavy Sand Bag Run

First movement – line up all of the kettlebells in a row. Each athlete must start in the plank position and walk their hands through the line of kettlebells. Both hands must touch each kettlebell.

Second Movement – Each team member must get over the yoke. Help as needed!

Third Movement – rope climb! Everyone must climb that rope and touch the top. You can choose to lower yourself to the floor in a plank 3 times instead.

Fourth Movement – heavy sandbag carry. Take your sandbag and your team out for a 800m run. You can take turns any way you’d like carrying the sandbag.

You’ve had so much fun the first time, go ahead and do it another time through!