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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Split Jerk

“Air Force”
20 Thrusters (95/65)
20 Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls
20 Push Jerks
20 Overhead Squats
20 Front Squats

*4 Burpees on the minute every minute (and to start)

Some more split jerk work today as we head towards the end of the month and testing our one rep max (Which will be next Friday.) So now is the time to be sure that footwork is solid and you are getting that strength, power, and skill to lock out those heavier weights overhead.

“Air Force” is one of my favorite workouts! The goal is not to go as fast as you can as long as you can. You don’t want to burn out and dig yourself into a burpees hole you can’t get out of. That means, 4 burpees gets to be a lot when you are tired and can end up taking most of a minute, and then if you need a few seconds to catch your breath, you are just doing burpees every minute instead of getting any of the reps in.

Have a plan for reps each minute and try to stick with it. You need to pace yourself to be the most efficient at this one. A good goal is 10 reps per minute – that gets you done in under 10 minutes. The goal is under 10 minutes or less today.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Aaron’s Special Going Away WOD
Party After 6:30pm Class

4 Rounds
8 Power Snatch (95/65)
8 Bar Over Burpees
Rest 4:00

Score is individual round with lowest reps.

This is a pacing test. In bigger classes we will partner up and use 2 people on the same barbell, offset working and resting. This workout will take 32 minutes from 321-Go, which is a big hunk of time. Because of that, we will take out the Power portion for this day and use that time for warm up and extra teaching of some power snatch & bar over burpee skills. Coach Aaron has built a sweet class plan for us all today! 

Chipotle catering,  La Croix, and some Wisconsin craft beers after class!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Split Jerk

Plate Sit Ups (45/25)
Overhead Lunges
Squats with Plate

Split Jerk work today again! Let’s build on that footwork we’ve been working on. Be very mindful of good positioning as you work through these sets today. Again, we will get to adding lots of weight, I promise! But today, the groundwork (which is the footwork) is our focus. The amount of weight is secondary. We certainly want to test our form under increased loads. This is where we will find out where things start to break down. But we want to fix these things before they become bad habits.

We will then work through descending reps of plate sit ups, overhead lunges, and squats with that same plate. So, pick a plate that will be your best friend today!

For those plate sit ups, lock out that plate and face it towards the ceiling. That plate will stay facing the ceiling throughout the entire sit up.

You will keep that plate locked out overhead facing the ceiling for those lunges as well.

And lastly, squats with that same plate. For this one, you can hold the plate to your chest, or you can put it on your back with your arms in a front rack position. Athlete’s choice!

Friday, November 10, 2017

15 Minutes to work to a heavy to form complex of:
1 Power Snatch
1 Hang Power Snatch

Rest 5 minutes then:

every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:
1 Hang Power Snatch at 50% of today’s heaviest Snatch Complex
30 Double Unders

We are going to start the day by working on a complex of Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch. After the warm up, mobility and snatch barbell warm up, you’ll get 15 minutes to see how far you can get.

Then for the workout, you’ll take 50% of today’s heaviest complex and use that to perform a Hang Power Snatch and 30 Double Unders. Your Double Under proficiency will determine the amount of time you have left to rest. The goal is 20-30 seconds of each minute. Modify the number of Double Unders/attempts based on that.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Split Jerk

3 Rounds
20 Wall Balls
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (75/55)
20 Box Jumps (24/20)
20 Push Press
20 Calorie Row

Back to Split Jerk work today! Last time we worked on figuring out the foot work and where your feet should land each time. Today, we are going to practice that some more. Before we actually split jerk, we are going to do the Split Jerk Jail Drill.

Does the workout look familiar? It’s Fight Gone Bad, but a little different! A really good goal is 100+ reps per round or 300 total. This format today will help you understand what it takes to get there.

Try and get the 20 reps of each movement done in about a minute. No rest in between rounds today. In order to save space and equipment, we will have people start in different stations. Hopefully everyone will stagger enough that there won’t be any bottlenecks.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Split Jerk (Behind the Neck)

5 Rounds with a 3 minute clock:
Calorie Row (15/12)
12 Box Jumps (24/20)
9 Deadlifts, @ 60% of 1 rep max from Monday
Rest remainder of time

*Score is slowest round

We have been working on the clean lately, now let’s work on the second part of the Olympic Lift Clean & Jerk and practice the Split Jerk. Let’s start with proper footwork. We need to start with that literal and figurative foundation before we can move on to anything else!

Your sets of split jerks today will be from behind the neck to drive in that good overhead barbell position and should be light loads – we are looking to perfect the footwork, not go for a new personal record. Don’t worry, you’ll get to put a lot of weight over your head soon enough!

Then, we are going to do 5 rounds of 3 minutes. In that time, you will row for calories, box jump, and deadlift! For the deadlift you will use 60% of your new one rep max from Monday – yeah!

For larger classes, half of the class with start with the box jumps, then go to the deadlifts and then row. Hopefully everyone will stagger enough on the rowers.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!
Squat Clean 1RM

“Dirty Grace”
30 Clean and Jerks* (135/95)
*1 Bar facing burpee after every rep

We are going to warm up, do some hip mobility, and then work through our clean barbell warm and review the full, squat clean. After that, the Coach will put 20 minutes on the clock and you will warm up and work towards your one rep max for the day.

After all of those new PRs (fingers crossed!), we are going to get dirty with Grace – oh yeah…not just regular Grace, we are going to add 1 bar facing burpee after each clean and jerk. Ooh…it’s going to be fun! Just keep moving. Even with the 30 burpees, this should be a 5-8 minute workout.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Heaving Snatch Balance

4 Rounds
5 Burpee pull-ups
10 Power snatch (95/65)
20 Lateral bar hops

We are going to start with one of my favorite types of movements – the Heaving Snatch Balance. The heaving snatch balance is identical to the snatch balance, with the exception that the feet start in the squat stance and remain flat against the floor throughout the movement. Start standing with the barbell behind your neck with a snatch-width grip and your feet in your squat stance. Bend the knees smoothly, maintaining balance and an upright torso, then push with the legs against the floor to create some upward momentum on the bar.

Stop pushing against the floor with your legs and push aggressively against the bar to move yourself down into an overhead squat position. Lock your elbows and secure the bar in the overhead position in as low of a squat as you can without being rock-bottom—absorb the downward force of the bar by continuing to sit the rest of the way into the squat smoothly. Making sure the bar is stable and secure overhead, stand again, keeping the bar overhead.

The goal is to elevate the barbell as little as possible from its starting point on the shoulders and to move the body down under it as quickly as possible. If you maintain the hook grip when you turn the snatch over, use the hook grip in the heaving snatch balance.

Then we are going to work through 4 rounds of burpee pull ups (ooh – that sounds fun), 10 power snatches at a relatively light weight, and then 20 lateral bar hops.

The goal is to keep moving today. Take short breaks and get back to it.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Squat Clean

12 Box Jumps (24/20)
12 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)
12 Ring Push Ups

We are going to work on those Squat Cleans today! We want to make sure that we get that bar as far up as we can (triple extension, without the elbows bending) and THEN we pull ourselves under the bar to catch the weight of the bar on our shoulders in a good front rack position.

We are then going to put 12 minutes on the clock and work through 12 reps each of box jumps, dumbbell snatches, and ring push ups – what fun!

Be especially careful after that first set up box jumps – no scuffed shins today! The Coach will review the Dumbbell Snatches today. And Ring Push Ups are super easy to scale – all you have to do is walk so you are standing more upright – this takes off the body weight. Be sure to get the full range of motion with the rings all the way into the arm pits.

Friday, October 20, 2017

5 Rounds Not For Time
10 GHD Sit ups
10 GHD Hip extensions

10 Dumbbell thrusters
30 Double unders

Something a little different today for our power portion. We are going to work through 5 rounds (not for time) of 10 GHD situps and 10 hip extensions. This will help build our core to better brace for the hip drive as well as improving the bas strength of our hips.

The workout today is only 10 minutes long and only consists of 2 movements. Fast and furious! Start with those dumbbell (or kettlebell) thrusters. Pick a weight that allows you to keep moving through these unbroken even as the minutes accumulate. After each 10 thrusters you will knock out 30 double unders. Be sure to scale this appropriately so that you don’t spend the bulk of the 110 minutes struggling to get 30 DUs.