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Shoe Review – Reebok Nano 6.0

I get a lot of questions about shoes for the rigors of the variety of workouts we do at the gym. So, to keep with the trends I buy and try all of the latest CrossFit shoes so I can give an honest, unbiased review.

A few things before I tell you about the newest Reebok shoes. First, I think that all of the shoes that are made for cross training are great. They will all get the job done. I think the biggest thing comes down to each individual person and their shoe fit and aesthetic preferences.

I do have a wide variety of shoes that I rotate through when I workout, and I do pick which shoe I am going to wear based on the movements in the workout each day. I have that luxury. I like to watch for sales and pick up new shoes when they aren’t full price.

Most people are going to buy one pair of shoes and wear those every day they come to the gym and that is perfect. If you are working out 5-6+ times per week, I might then recommend that you get a second pair of workout shoes. Alternate days so that your shoes can air out and dry between sweat sessions. Pick 2 different kinds of shoes so that you can use them depending on the demands of the workout. And, like women wearing dress shoes/heels, if you are wearing shoes that often, if it good to have a variety to alleviate blisters and other repetitive motion ailments. Plus, you’ll cut back on the wear and tear of a single pair.

Now let’s talk about the Reebok Nano 6. I was late to the game with these shoes. I usually try to get new shoes within a month or two of their release because being a gym owner, athletes always ask about the newest shoes.

I really love my Nano 5.0s. (Which I was also late to the game buying – I just loved the 4.0s so much I bought 3 pairs of those and it was hard to justify another new pair of shoes.) In my opinion, the 4.0s were great, the 5.0s are awesome, and the 6.0s are amazing.

I didn’t really like any of the color combos of the 6.0s when they were first released, but I did finally order (and pay for) a custom pair of the 6.0s. Not only do I love the way they look, I love wearing them.

I judge my athletic shoes in several different criteria – can I stand in them all day and coach, how do they move and feel when I am working out with all of the variety of movements that CrossFit demands, and how is it to run in them?

The answer to all of these is a resounding YES with the Nano 6.0s. They have become my new favorite coaching and workout shoe. Bonus that I love the colors and design.

These shoes are solid enough to be supportive while standing for long periods of time or Olympic lifting work, and flexible enough to do burpees, sit ups, and box jumps.

These shoes fit my feet particularly well, with being a women’s size 12, that is a big deal. (Though they didn’t offer women’s sizing that high, I had to buy a men’s 10.5). So losing out on some of the fun girly colors and custom options is a bummer, I am still very happy with the way the shoes turned out.

They fit well right away and I didn’t feel the need to have to break them in at all. The upper shoes are soft and flexible, and the sole is sturdy but also flexes well with my foot. I feel secure and stable wearing them to Olympic lift, and they are soft and flexible enough for lunges and box jumps.

They are specifically made for cross-training so they also do well in rope climbs with side grips and kevlar overlay so you won’t tear them out. They are also comfortable enough to do the shorter amounts of running required in warm ups and workouts.

These shoes fit my feet really well. I have large feet (again, women’s size 12) but they are proportionate. I have bog feet, but not wide feet. Earlier versions of the Nano had a wider toe box, I don’t think these are as wide, but they still are roomy enough for your toes to spread out.

If you have wide feet (or really narrow feet) these may not be the best fit for you. There are also other shoes out there that are more minimalist (Inov-8s) or a bit more solid (Nike MetCons – especially in the sole.)

Overall, these are my favorite Reebok CrossFit shoe and favorite shoe all around. They are made just life a good CrossFitter – good at everything, specialized in nothing.

The (semi) essential CrossFit Gear you need!

FullSizeRender (1)Our motto at Recursive is: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Anyone can come in and get started with CrossFit with whatever fitness gear you already have in your closet.

There is no need to go out and buy new shoes – the running or tennis shoes you have are perfectly fine. No need to go out and buy fancy clothes – any shirt and shorts you are comfortable sweating in will be perfect. There is no need to have your own personal barbell or jump rope – we will provide those for you to use at the gym.

But once you have been CrossFitting for a bit and you cross over from that beginner stage, there are a few items you may want to consider investing in for yourself to enhance your workout experience.

 Cross Training Shoes
It’s nice to have one pair of shoes that is designed to do it all. Rope climbing running, lifting, jumping and so much more. Now that CrossFit has become more mainstream, there are several brands to choose from. The biggest two are Reebok Nano and Nike MetCons. Other brands include Inov8s and No Bull. If you would like a complete breakdown of the shoes, visit Which Shoes to Choose. Investment cost – $100 – $140

Good Undergarments
Ladies and gentlemen, let’s be supportive of the things we need to support. For the girls, a good, supportive sport bra, especially for those days with a lot of jumping, is essential. Fellas, you’re gonna want a good, quality pair of underpants to avoid chaffing and keeping the bits from dangling. Prices vary greatly on these items – underpants might be $15-$20 a pair and sports bras range from $20 – $60. Under Armour, Reebok, Nike, Lululemon, and Athleta are all good brands to check out.

Jump Rope
It’s nice to have your own jump rope that is sized specifically for you. It’s tough when you are learning double unders, eliminate one variable by using the same rope. Plus, you can take care of it and not have to use the knotted, kinked community ropes and you will spend less time before class trying to find the right rope. There are a TON of rope choices out there. As a beginner/intermediate look for one that you can adjust. You will want to play around with the length a bit as you are learning so you can find what works best for you. Height matters, but so does arm length and how high you jump. There are a variety of rope thicknesses – super thin will be faster, really thick will be slower. The handle style also varies and is a personal preference. Try a few out at the gym to see what you like the best. Price, as with option, varies quite a bit – $15 – $60+

Gym T-shirt/Tank/Sweatshirt
Become fully indoctrinated in your community and your gym! Be a part of the tribe and show your school spirit by wearing some of your gym’s gear. You work hard in those classes every day – let the world know you ARE a CrossFitter! Shirts and Tanks usually range in price $20 – $35, with Sweatshirts in the $45 – $60 range.

CrossFit is meant to be something everyone can do with a very low barrier to entry. It’s an activity where you need very little equipment to start. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on “stuff,” you just need to step into the gym and get started.

Your monthly membership may be all you can handle at first (we know CrossFit costs more than your corner 24 hour gym.) But, once you get into it more, you may find there are a few key items that you would like to have in your gym bag. (And a lot of gyms provide cubbies for your convenience so you can keep all your stuff there!)