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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday FUNday!
Dice of Death
1 = 10 Push Ups
2 = 10 Ring Rows
3 = 400m Run
4 = 10 Air Squats
5 = 10 Sit Ups
6 = Give 10 Burpees

Our partner WOD today is a long term favorite, Dice of Death! Partner up, roll a die and consult the chart. After you finish that roll the die again. If you get a 6 you get hand out 10 burpees to another team. Rest while the other team does those burpees! Your score will be the number of rounds you can complete in 20 minutes.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday FUNday!
In teams of 3-4
Grab a deck of cards and shuffle them real good!
Everyone must complete the movements/reps before flipping the next card.

The number on the card is the number of reps you’ll do of that movement. Face cards are 10, Aces are 1.

Suits are as follows:
Clubs – Sit Ups
Diamonds – Push Ups
Spades – Burpees
Hearts – Air Squats
Jokers – 400m Run

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

One Workout at 9am
100 each, any way you’d like:
Double Unders
Sit Ups
Ring Rows/Pull Ups
Push Ups
Air Squats
Kettlebell Swings
Wall Balls
Box Jumps
Then, a 776m run to finish it all off for 1776 reps completed!

One class at 9:00am today. Gym Closed the rest of the day – enjoy your day!

Group up with a few other people to share equipment and space. You can modify total number of reps if needed, or partner up with someone (which I highly recommend…this one is pretty brutal.)

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Scenerio Sunday!
Today’s Mission:
Date – April 18, 1775 Location- Middlesex County Massachusetts

On the morning of April 18th General Thomas Gage, the royal military governor of Massachusetts and commander-in-chief of the roughly 3,000 British military forces garrisoned in Boston, gave orders to a mounted patrol of Redcoats to find Samuel Adams and John Hancock. At the same time, he sent 500 men to search out and destroy any weapons and ammunition possessed by the Patriots of the Whig party in Massachusetts.

Luckily General Gage’s wife (who was New Jersey born and a colonial sympathizer) gave intel to you and your men that the Redcoats were coming! Paul Revere, Joseph Warren, and William Dawes set out to assemble the Massachusetts militia in preparation for the battle.

Before Revere and the others left on their historic ride, they entrusted you to begin hiding the stockpiles of munitions the militia has accumulated. The munitions are located inside an armory in the town center.

Your Mission:
Move 10 loads (10 Rounds) of weapons and ammo (50M Farmers Carry) to a barn on the Revere farm on the outskirts of town. Once you arrive you must hide your cargo on the upper loft in the barn (10 Presses).

The Workout:
10 Rounds
50M Farmers Carry (50lb DB’s, or whatever you have that’s heavy)
10 Shoulder Press (30lb DB’s, or Ammo can lifts)

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday FUNday!

Today’s Mission:
Date – 24 July 2006
Location – Ramadi, Iraq

After the fall of Fallujah, Ramadi became ground zero for bad guys trying to do bad things. 3 months ago insurgents launched an attack on OP Virginia located in Ramadi. They drove a truck loaded with 1000 lbs of explosives through the wire, detonated it, and forced the Marines of 3/8 to do what Marines do- slay bodies. After the attack on OP Virginia fighting slowed briefly, however within a week assaults became more frequent and daily firefights became the norm.

On the morning of 24 July you’re dug in with the rest of your platoon in the Ramadi Government Center. You’ve been using this building as your FOB for the past few months, so you’re confident in defending this position. There are battles occurring all over the city and you know it’s only a matter of time before they come to you.

Your Mission:

As you sit there eating your Chili Mac the fight begins. Small arms fire erupts from 3 different directions. You grab your weapon and get to the sandbags to return fire. Soon after, an incoming RPG round destroys one of the key barricades surrounding the building. Your platoon Sergeant assigns your squad to start stacking sandbags to fill the hole. You’re job is to take 30 full size sandbags from the ground and place them in a massive stack that’s taller than you.

The Workout:
3 Rounds For time
10 Sandbag Clean and Press (60/40)
15 Burpees

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday FUNday!

Scenario Sunday
Today’s Mission

Date – September 12, 490 BC Location- Marathon, Greece

King Darius I has sent 25,000 Persian invaders to destroy Marathon. The Persians came by way of the Aegean Sea, and they have countless ships, 25,000 infantry, and over 1,000 cavalry.

Our Athenian army is dwarfed in size by the Persians, and the Spartans have sent word they’re having a religious festival and can’t assist us (#typical). If we want any shot at winning this fight we’ve got to choose the perfect battleground; one with terrain features we can use against the enemy. Marathon is the perfect setting, with mountains on one side and marshland on the other.

After a few tense days we’re in a stalemate. Our Athenian army had superior position, and the Persian Army had superior size, no one wanted to be the first to attack. However, all of a sudden the Persian cavalry decided to ride out of Marathon for reasons unknown. NOW IS OUR TIME.

Your Mission:

Your commander Miltiades gives the command “At Them!!!!” and the 800m march (800m Run) approaching the enemy begins. You stop just outside the effective range of the archers to regroup for the final assault (rest 3 Min). For the next 100m arrows are raining down from the skies, and you’re forced to hold your wooden shield overhead as you methodically approach the enemy line (OH Plate Lunge 45/25). Every 20m you must stop and pull the falling arrows out of your shield (pull up or ring row).

The Workout:
Run 800m
Rest 3 Minutes

5 Rounds
20m OH Walking Lunge (45/25)
15 Pull Ups/Ring Rows