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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday FUNday!
Festivus Partner Workout #2
With a 10-Minute Running Clock
– 60 Row-Over Burpees
– While Your Partner Does Single Unders (SU)

Partners must switch if the rope jumper stops or misses.

– Calorie Row
– While Your Partner Does Wall Balls

Partners must switch if the ball hits the ground.

Yesterday was so much fun, let’s go ahead and do the 2nd Festivus Team Competition workout! If the class is too large for the number of rowers we have, then we’ll run 2 (or more) heats. One team will count reps and cheer while the other team works. It is good to get used to being judged on each rep. This is what will happen in a competition. You should also plan to get no-repped at least once. You need to know what that feels like and choose how to respond so that so you can keep moving on. It will mess with you mentally a bit. Also know there is no point in arguing with the judge – all you will do is lose valuable time. (Have you guys read “Chasing Excellence” by Ben Bergeron yet?)

In Part 1, on 3-2-1-Go! one partner will start SUs (have you seen the video of the Games athletes attempting singles after being trained for so long in doubles? Even if you can do double unders, you will work on single unders today – there is definitely value in that) and the other partner will perform row-over burpees. Burpees can only be performed while SUs are successfully occurring. If the SU partner stops or misses the Athletes must switch exercises.

Part 2 only begins once the combined number of burpees reaches 60 in part 1. At the start of WOD 3 for each pair of Athletes, the judge will reset the rower to zero with total calories rowed being displayed on the monitor. The monitor should not be touched or reset again until the pair of Athletes complete WOD 3. This way the total calories rowed of both Athletes is easily measured. One partner will row while the other performs wall balls. The partner rowing can only row while their partner is performing wall balls. If the wall-ball Athlete drops the ball the Athletes must switch. Otherwise the Athletes decide when to switch and may switch as often as they want during the time allowed.

Two scores for this one today: Time to complete 60 burpees (both athletes burpees combine to achieve 60 – not 60 each) and total calories rowed + total wall balls.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sunday FUNday!
Relay Race Obstacle Course
Two Teams (split class evenly)
2 Rounds
1. Kettlebell Shuffle
2. Yoke Climb
3. Rope Climb
4. Heavy Sand Bag Run

First movement – line up all of the kettlebells in a row. Each athlete must start in the plank position and walk their hands through the line of kettlebells. Both hands must touch each kettlebell.

Second Movement – Each team member must get over the yoke. Help as needed!

Third Movement – rope climb! Everyone must climb that rope and touch the top. You can choose to lower yourself to the floor in a plank 3 times instead.

Fourth Movement – heavy sandbag carry. Take your sandbag and your team out for a 800m run. You can take turns any way you’d like carrying the sandbag.

You’ve had so much fun the first time, go ahead and do it another time through!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sunday FUNday!
Partner Plate Carrying Puzzle

One athlete instructs while the other athlete carries plates. Only the instructor athlete may speak/strategize. The goal is to get all of the plates stacked at the other end of the gym in the same order – heaviest on bottom, lightest on top. We’ll have four cones set up an equal distance apart. Stack the plates from heaviest to lightest, 45, 25, 15, 10, 5, 2.5, on the first circle. The goal is to move all the plates to the end by only moving one plate at a time. A heavier plate may never be placed on top of a lighter plate. Plates cannot be ‘switched’ while stacked. Only one plate may be carried at a time. Get the plates to one end, then switch the instructor and moving athlete and get them all back as fast as you can!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday FUNday!
Teams of 2 Complete the following:
200 Double Unders
150 Deadlifts (135/95)
100 Wall Balls (20/14)
50 Burpee Over Partners*

*partner must hold plank

You can do the movements and reps in any order you would like – so there is some strategy here! Pick a partner, figure out what order and how to split up the reps. For the Burpee Over Partner, one person holds the plank while the other does a burpee next to them and then jumps over them laterally. Switch as needed. For all of the other movements, one person rests while the other works.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday FUNday!
100 m Sled Push (90/50)(High push down, low push back)
200 Double KB Farmer’s Carry (1.5/1)
400 m Walking Lunges
800 m Sandbag Carry
1000 m Run

*To accommodate higher number of athletes, some can start WOD at end and work towards beginning. Similarly, the sled is a relatively quick part of the WOD so it can be staggered starts (one athlete going right after another when sled is available). Sled will be loaded with two-45# plates for male athletes and two-25# plates for female athletes. Vertical high bar push down, horizontal low bar back (won’t need to turn sled).

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Schedule Change:
Class at 8:00am and 9:00am
Open Gym: 10:00am-4:00pm

Sunday FUNday!
Ruck Race
Things You’ll Need:
5 Friends (old or new)
45# Plate
Heavy Kettlebell (or dumbbell if not enough)

Your team of 5 will head out for a 1 mile ruck (the mile mark is all the way down the bike path until it ends at the cul-de-sac.)
Person 1 – Carries the sandbag
Person 2 – Carries the 45# plate (groups can modify if needed)
Person 3 – Carries the kettlebell
Person 4 – Carries Person 5

Teams can switch objects as needed throughout the mile, but someone must be carrying each item (including the person) at all times.