12 Minute Core Series

15 Bar Over Burpees
5 Squat Clean & Jerk (185/135)
12 Bar Over Burpees
4 Squat Clean & Jerk
9 Bar Over Burpees
3 Squat Clean & Jerk
6 Bar Over Burpess
2 Squat Clean & Jerk
3 Bar Over Burpees
1 Squat Clean & Jerk

We are going to work on our core strength today with our 12 Minute Core Series. This is a great one that you can do at home as well!

After we tax that core, we are going to work on some bar over burpees (these can be lateral or bar facing), and then some heavy clean & jerks. These movements may seem a bigger more challenging today because your core has already gotten a good workout.

These are full, squat cleans, and then shoulder to overhead however you can – shoulder press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk. The reps are very small, so the weight should be a challenge for you – it is a strength day!

I love couplets like this – heavy weight for the bigger, stronger athletes, and burpees for the smaller more agile ones. There aren’t a lot of athletes that are great at both, but now is your chance to work on whichever you need work on!