Depth Jumps

Kettlebell Swings
Goblet Squats
Alternating Single Arm Kettlebell Push Press

Depth Jumps – one of my favorites! Depth jumps are a variation of the box jump that further develop explosive power and increase vertical jump. You’ll start with 2 boxes set up 3 feet apart. The first box should be 12-16” tall and the second box should be 20-26” tall. Standing on the smaller box, take a falling step off the box, land with both feet on the ground and quickly use that stretch reflex to jump onto the second box. Depth jumps are a great drill for improving vertical leap and power. You should gain energy from the impact that you absorb, stabilize, and transfer to your muscles and tendons for a more explosive jump.

Then we will take on some kettlebell swings, goblet squats and alternating single arm kettlebell push press (that’s a mouth full!) The good news is that the number of reps will go down.

Make sure that your chest stays upright in those kettlebell swings. You shouldn’t be pulling with your lower back and you definitely shouldn’t have lower back pain after doing these. The power comes from your hips, not your back (or your arms.)

Keep that chest upright for the goblet squats as well. Let the weight pull you down for a better squat position, not pull you forward to cave in on yourself.

And lastly we are going to work on some single arm stuff. One arm will most likely be easier than the other. Single arm exercises are a great way to strengthen that weak side – it won’t be able to rely on the strong side to take the brunt of the work! In the workout today you will do 5 per side and then switch sides (you don’t have to alternate after each rep, but we do want to make sure to do the same amount on both sides.)