Power Snatch

4 Rounds, starting a new round every 4 minutes:
Run 400m with a Med Ball (20/14)

*5 burpees every time the ball touches the ground

We are going to continue to work on our Power Snatches today! We are far enough along this month that we want to start to put all of the pieces together – good start position, good first pull, second pull, and that third pull (to get under the bar), and a nice locked out finish position with active shoulders.

We have pulled out a favorite from the archives today! You may remember this one from last summer. One of the simplest by design. Group consensus was it was one of the harder workouts we’ve done at the gym.

4 rounds of 4 minutes, start with a 400m run carrying your med ball. Once you get back into the gym you will use the rest of your time to do as many wall balls as you can.

Once the clock starts (3-2-1 Go!) EVERY time your ball touches the ground, you will do 5 burpees. It is completely possible to do the entire workout today and not have to do any burpees, you just have to be sure to catch it and hold it after wall balls. The ground is hot lava – don’t let the ball touch it!

Your score will be your total number of wall balls today.