Strength and full range of motion
3×10 Pistols

3 Rounds
Row 50 calories
150 Double Unders
50 Sit Ups

We are going to work on those pistols again today! These might be a weakness for you right now, but we are going to work all month long to make them a strength! I know several people have already gotten their first pistols this month – congratulations and make sure to put that on the Accomplishments Board and ring that bell!

Our workout today is like Annie – but better!

Larger classes with split up and half will start with the sit ups, then the double unders, and then row. Hopefully everyone will stagger enough that rower space won’t be an issue. A 50 calorie row should take about 3-4 minutes. Try for 1 calorie per pull. 150 double unders plus 50 sit ups should take about the same amount of time (coincidence?!?!)

When you partner up for this to share rowers, pick someone that is about the same speed at double unders as you are (this will be the biggest varying factor in the workout.) It is a lot of double unders and today is a great day to work on them – we have a lot of reps, a longer workout, and a great chance to get that heart rate up whether we are doing double unders or attempts. The Coach will help you pick a good number of double unders for scaling, a good number of attempts to make at them, and/or a good amount of time to spend working on them today. It’s great to practice double unders under pressure and when you are tired – it definitely changes the dynamic of the movement!