Ski Erg
Proper use and care of the erg


*200m run after each round.

We are going to spend a bit of time learning about the new ski erg today. We only have the 1 so you won’t see it programmed in regular classes/workouts, but it will be used for personal training and as a modification option for athletes.

Just like the rowers and bikes, the ski erg is quite expensive so we want to make sure to take care of it and keep it well maintained so that we can use it for a long time. There are ropes instead of chains on this one, we want to make sure we use it properly. We will talk about proper use and care today.

After that, we are going to take some time to work through some burpees. After each round (I mean, at least the number goes down each round!) you will go out for a quick 200m run.

Not complicated. Not simple. Just a couplet of fun!

Time Cap: 26 minutes