Will Huth – Assistant Coach

“Recursive is where I improve. Coaches and friends keep me accountable, congratulate me on my accomplishments, and encourage me on my weaknesses.”

Will has always been interested in fitness since he realized its benefit in athletics. In high school Will played football, basketball, and track, and was always looking for ways to improve his performance through different workouts.

In college Will had to adjust to working out without a sport to train for (although he was a member of the University of Wisconsin Marching Band) and began differentiating more of his workouts to include running, interval training, etc.

Eventually he realized the workouts he was trying to write for himself were similarly aligned with CrossFit’s goals, and decided to give it a try. In January of 2015 he saw Recursive was only a handful of blocks away; after his first class he was hooked.

Helping people meet new goals and improve together is a constant enjoyment for Will – in addition to being an assistant coach at Recursive, Will also coaches basketball at Madison West High School (Go Regents!)

Take your weakness and make it your strength.