Monday, July 10, 2017

Wall Climbs, Kicking Up to Handstand, Handstand Hold
Max Effort Handstand Hold x 3

25 Med Ball Cleans
25 Overhead Walking Lunges with Med Ball
20 Med Ball Cleans
20 Overhead Walking Lunges with Med Ball
15 Med Ball Cleans
15 Overhead Walking Lunges with Med Ball
10 Med Ball Cleans
10 Overhead Walking Lunges with Med Ball
5 Med Ball Cleans
5 Overhead Walking Lunges with Med Ball

We are going to work on being inverted today and all the ways we can get there! We’ll start with some good wall climbs, then if you are comfortable with that, move on to kicking up into that handstand. After that, we will work on max effort handstand holds. You’ll get 3 attempts to see how long you can hold a good handstand position. (We’ll review what that means in class.) You can wall climb or kick up to get into that hold position.

We are going to review good med ball clean technique and then work through a couplet of med ball cleans and overhead walking lunges with the med ball. You’ll be spending a lot of time with that ball today – be sure to pick a good one!

Keep those arms locked out with those overhead lunges. Don’t let the ball rest on your head. If you keep your shoulders engaged and your elbows locked the ball can rest nicely on your skeletal system and your muscles won’t have to do as much of the work.

The reps go down as you go through. Work at a consistent pace and keep moving!