Join us for three different 4 week cycles to get that first dead hang, strict pull up! Over the course of 12 weeks we will work on your isometric, eccentric, and assisted strength.


1. Isometric Strength – The force a muscle can apply to an Immovable object without appreciably shortening the length of the muscle (also known as static strength).

2. Eccentric Strength – The overall lengthening of a muscle as it develops tension and contracts to control motion performed by an outside force.

3. Assisted Strength – The full range of motion by developing muscle memory and the central nervous system.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time each week working on your pull up strength, but you do need to work on it consistently and wisely.

Meet with a Coach once a week for 15-20 minutes to learn and practice movements. Then you will have 2 additional days of homework (10-15 minutes).

This program is designed for those who can’t do a single pull up. If you already can perform a strict pull up, then schedule a private skill session to work on improving, kipping, or butterfly kipping.