Amy Forsmo

meI recently moved to Madison and started working out at a gym close to home.  After a few months of lifting weights I realized I had no clue what I was doing and needed direction plus I needed someone to push me.

I first tried out a box closer to my house but after a couple of sessions it just didn’t feel right.  I called Recursive and right away Nikole made me feel like this was the place for me.  She explained that Recursive wasn’t a place for the super elite athletes and that actually made me feel less intimidated!

My favorite thing about Recursive is the people and coaches.   Having others around helps push me when my brain is telling me to stop.  Each coach has a unique and encouraging approach and having them around to help with technique helps me feel like I am making progress.

The biggest accomplishment for me has been finishing a workout longer than 30 minutes.  Endurance is by far the hardest thing for me so the fact that I can finish a long workout and still want to come the next day is a fantastic feeling!