It often feels like it’s hard to eat healthy!

In working with as many people as I do at the gym on a weekly basis, I can tell you that most people know how to eat well, they know what they are supposed to eat, it’s just a matter of doing it. For some people, that means the meal prep, for some the perceived extra cost of eating well is a barrier, and for others it’s just the accountability of actually doing all those things.

Let’s tackle the first barrier to healthy eating – the meal prep and time involved.

We all live hectic lives these days – between work, family, and the extra tasks we take on, we often find ourselves putting ourselves and our health on the back burner. We fail to plan, and then at the end of the day when we are too tired and too hungry we make some poor choices. It’s so easy to just go through a drive through and grab a quick meal!

The problem with these meals is that they are rarely fresh, they contain a lot of preservatives, they are higher in sodium and bad fats, and they are definitely higher in calories, PLUS they are often pretty pricey – certainly more expensive than making a meal at home.

If you are reading this post, you have at least some interest in your health and wellness. You spend time working out either in or out of the gym. You also know that working out is only part of the health and wellness equation. What you use to fuel your body is important.

To be blunt, crap in equals crap out. If you are fueling your body with unhealthy ingredients, you can’t expect your body to perform at it’s peak.

So…how do we find the time to shop and meal prep? Well, the hard truth here is that you have to be willing to MAKE the time. You have to be willing to make it a priority in your weekly schedule for your health.

Make the time to plan meals, shop for ingredients, and then meal prep. This may take a few hours on the weekend, but overall you will end up saving so much time and money. AND you’ll be eating healthy meals!

Each day throughout the week you can then grab one of the healthy meals or snacks that you prepped and heat it up when you are hungry. It’ll take just a few minutes – saving you the time of going to get food and preparing it, and it’s one less decision to make each time you are hungry!

By being just a little bit organized, you can actually save yourself a lot of time and money each week. AND you ‘ll be sure to be getting great meals with the highest quality ingredients!

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