I’d been working out at a boot camp in town trying to get a decent level of fitness back after letting it slide for years. The boot camp was incredible for my health but I was looking for a challenge and to build new skills. Plus, I knew I really wanted to lift.

My buddy Arvina checked in on FB once at Recursive for a derby workout. Within two days of seeing that I was in for my first workout, starting foundations a day later. Love at first CrossFit I guess!

There are a lot of things that could top a Recursive favorites list, it’s a bit hard to choose! I love having personal goals to constantly push past. I love it when a movement or skill clicks in…because I’ve worked hard for it…I’m not what they call a natural.  I guess my favorite part of CFR are the people and coaches. Vivian was my foundations coach. She made me feel so comfortable and confidant. I loved her coaching style right off the bat.

For my first class Cam helped me feel like I was part of the team and gave me super constructive feedback in the nicest way. I was nervous to start. I thought I’d be intimidated, but people welcomed me.  When we had to buddy up someone always reached out. When it was a partner workout someone always asked.

I have a family at CFR now. When I’m at home sick people check in, when I have a success my friends celebrate with me, and when I have a struggle they support me and build me back up. Plus they eat everything I bake which has for sure saved me 5lbs.

I think that my Bright Spot and Biggest Accomplishment are one in the same, the CrossFit Open. I was nervous to be part of a team, I didn’t want to mess up or be responsible for lowering our score (hooray for dropping the lowest).

I pushed pretty hard and surprised myself with what I was capable of mentally and physically.  I had moments where I wanted to quit or collapse, but then someone would get in my ear and keep me going.  My team was amazing, not only athletically but with encouragement. The open gave me a chance to get to know everyone, which I’m super thankful for!

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