I’m inherently lazy. Like, sometimes I’m hungry but too lazy to get off the couch to eat. I need a gym that tells/requires me what to do. CrossFit challenges me far more than I’d ever challenge myself.

When I moved to Madison I Googled the closest CrossFit gym from my house (again with the laziness) and wouldn’t you know it, Recursive had stellar reviews. I dropped in for a class and that was it.

Let’s make a list of my favorite things…

1. TIME CAPS! Other gyms don’t have time caps on workouts and it seems endless. I like the time caps as it puts a finality on my misery. Suffering is easier when you know how long it will last.

2. Dodging bikers on the bike trail. It’s like a real life game of Frogger.

3. The dog!

My biggest accomplishment so far – Murph!

LOL NO EFFIN WAY. Just maxing out each and every workout is my biggest accomplishment. I’ll never squat the most, run the fastest, or have the pretties kipping pull ups but as long as I continue to push then I walk away feeling good about myself.
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