• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Growing up a Jersey girl, Carolyn whole heartedly embraced the sentiments of her home state’s hero: “baby, you were born to run.”

In middle school, Carolyn joined the cross country team and never looked back.

While earning a degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Stevens Institute of Technology, Carolyn continued her racing career by competing in cross country, indoor and outdoor track and field, and even triathlons (mostly because they always ended with a run).

Upon graduating, Carolyn faced the dilemma that every collegiate athlete faces: what are my athletic goals now?  As a long distance runner, the answer seemed obvious; Carolyn entered the NYC Marathon. However, instead of feeling empowered and athletic completing the race, Carolyn found herself feeling weak and burnt out.  It was time for a change.

Enter CrossFit.  In March of 2014 (right in the middle of the Open) Carolyn joined CrossFit Stealth in New Brunswick, NJ. Seeing athletes compete in the competitive atmosphere of the Open was nothing short of inspiring, even though at the time the idea of doing even one pull up was a far off pipe dream.

Along with the physical benefits of CrossFit, Carolyn found a myriad of unexpected mental benefits as well.  Pushing your limits every day in a WOD, and continually achieving new PRs, gave her a new sense of confidence and capability in herself.  Exploring all of the amazing things humans can do with their bodies became a passion, and was no longer something to be feared simply because you’re a newbie.

When Carolyn made the move from NJ to Madison in the summer of 2015, finding a new CrossFit home was a top priority. That home was found in CrossFit Recursive.  The welcoming community she found there made the fact that she was hundreds of miles from the familiarity of the east coast far less intimidating.

Carolyn is extremely excited to further her involvement in the Recursive community through coaching. She hopes to inspire a sense of playfulness and willingness to try new things in those she has the opportunity to work with.  When not CrossFit-ing, Carolyn takes her own advice to heart by dabbling in everything from rock climbing to yoga to playing an embarrassing amount of laser tag.