Carolyn Buzby

I admittedly chose Recursive because of proximity [the box is less than a half a mile from my apartment].  I figured having a gym so close would make it much easier to motivate myself to go.  However, I stayed at Recursive because of…

The community.  Everyone I meet at Recursive is extremely friendly.  Members and coaches with a more advanced skill set are always offering advice on movement mechanics or lifts, while still being supportive.  My old gym was very competitive and I always felt intimidated trying new things in front of a large group.  At Recursive, I’m totally comfortable performing those first few embarrassing attempts at a new movement without fear of being judged.

I think my biggest accomplishment since joining Recursive would be the confidence I have built in myself since joining.  Being surrounded by such supportive people has had a really positive impact on my mentality both during a workout and outside of the gym.  Feeling comfortable trying new things and pushing myself has taught me that I can do a lot more than my brain thinks I can, and it’s been very rewarding to learn what those things are.

Also, not for nothing, but I’ve also gained about 5 pounds and dropped 2 body fat percentage points since joining last fall.  I’m definitely happy about that! 🙂