Confused and overwhelmed by all of the nutrition info and eating plans out there?

We hear a lot about “fad diets” these days. A trip through the checkout line on any given day will present you with a multitude of magazine covers proclaiming the miracles of keto, paleo, carnivore, vegetarian, intermittent fasting, and even more.

These diets all promise quick, easy results. Do you know what else in life is quick and easy? Nothing. Nothing at all in life is quick or easy. Not if you actually want to see results and keep the weight off!

Sure you might be able to lose a few pounds in the first week of the new fad (spoiler alert – most of that is just water weight.) What do the results look like after you move into week two and beyond? What about after you invariably stop because it is disruptive to your lifestyle? Data shows that people frequently regain all of the weight they have lost PLUS more after diets like these.

There is a reason our Nutrition Program focuses on layering healthy habits over time. A big part of these healthy habits is eating clean whole foods. If you can’t make the processes a long term habit, you have no hope of keeping your results.

The average person tries 7-8 times to lose weight before they finally seek the help of a professional. And generally speaking, it’s not because we don’t know what to eat (broccoli is good, deep fried Oreos are bad), but because we don’t have the accountability to make these small changes and turn them into healthy habits. Healthy lifestyles are a marathon, not a sprint!

Over the next week we will be releasing a series of articles talking about many of these popular fad diets. We will talk about the diet, how it works, what kind of changes you will be looking at, and how effective they are long term.

If you would like to talk more about our Nutrition Coaching Services, you can schedule a complimentary Nutrition Consult with us!

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