Join a community of athletes driven to help you achieve success and improvement.

CrossFit is a full-body workout that builds strength while taxing your metabolism through high intensity cardio. While other classes waste time lightly working smaller muscles for endless hours, CrossFit hits all your major muscle groups and hits them hard, providing greater results over a shorter amount of time. If you’re looking to shed weight and build endurance, CrossFit’s combination of circuit training and weightlifting is all you’ve ever wanted.

CrossFit Memberships

There are no long term contracts. Membership will prorate cost and classes the first month. Afterwards, memberships are automatically billed the full amount on the first of the month every month until CrossFit Recursive receives in writing a cancellation notice.  To cancel a membership CrossFit Recursive needs to be notified through a Cancellation Form at least 15 days before membership due date. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. No exceptions.

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