For those that do not know me, my name is David Blatter, and I joined CrossFit Recursive mid 2017 with the mindset to loose some weight and get in shape. It was pretty encouraging (and intimidating) when I joined, as it was right when the CrossFit Games were gearing up, seeing all the athletes come in and thinking to myself what did get into these guys are super fit and I am just getting going! However, everyone at Recursive was welcoming and helped push through that hard first workouts.

Looking back at it, I am glad I stuck with it. A complete diet change, hard work doing the workouts and the continuing encouragement from the Recursive family, I can say that I lost 75 pounds, feel great and look forward to the next session!!

This year I hope to get some more of the lifts down and strict pull ups. I look forward to working out with all of you guys, thanks for having me as a part of the community!

This picture is of my eldest son, Derek and I, he weights the amount I have lost.

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