Donette Sainsbury

IMG_2220 (1)A couple of reasons why I chose Recursive, the location for working out is perfect for me, it’s on my way home from work.  When biking by the location, I kept reading the advertising on the boards  “first class free”,  I also like the  vibe of the urban gym, and the people and owners, I feel like I belong.

Being  pushed beyond my comfort zone, the unknown of each class…and then realizing with each class I’m becoming physically stronger.

I have a lot of accomplishments, first off, I could not do a sit –up before I started CrossFit, I could even run a block, in fact a couple of years ago I fractured my tailbone riding a bike from just being inactive, “I’ll call it being a couch potato” so I look at every class as a big accomplishment, I’m amazed with myself after each  WOD …. and I feel great full that I found CrossFit Recursive, it has changed my life.