Edrick – Gym Dog

Edrick is the resident gym dog at Recursive. To answer the most frequently asked questions – he is an Irish Wolfhound. We got him in Canada (making him a super friendly Canadian – hey.) And he weighs 110 pounds. He’s 3 years old and if he chose to, could reach the top of the refrigerator by standing on his back legs.

He’s super friendly. A great judge of character (guests often need to pass the Edrick personality test – if Edrick likes you, you’re good to go.)

He does have some short bouts of energy where he likes to jump and run around, but he spends most of his day laying on the couches in front, or his dog bed/bean bags where he can watch the main workout floor.

He LOVES running and is a regular member of the Thursday night run club. He also LOVES bananas. If you ever come to the gym and eat a banana, he will be right there. Likely sitting and offering you a paw for a small bite of his favorite food. Feel free to feed him if he asks nicely.