I never considered myself athletic growing up – I liked running and loved hiking, but otherwise I have terrible hand/eye coordination and never enjoyed team sports. In college, one of my best friends was on the woman’s basketball team and she eventually convinced me to try lifting.

I think I surprised both of us with how much I loved it. After college, I found CrossFit and was thrilled that I could continue to lift in a fun, supportive, and instructive environment and that I didn’t have to come up with the workouts myself.

I moved to Madison for graduate school this fall and I was so excited to find that Recursive was close to my apartment – I think I came to my No-Sweat Intro the same week that I moved.

My biggest accomplishment so far has been that one day I suddenly went from stringing together 5 back-to-back double-unders to getting 16! I’m also starting to feel more confident about cleans, which used to terrify me. It has been great to start to get to know the community and be around such awesome people.

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