Fatimeh Pahlavan

 I recently joined Recursive after moving to Madison from Champaign, IL.  I spent a significant amount of time reviewing boxes online and ultimately selected Recursive because it appeared to be extremely well-organized and had a well-developed sense of community.

Recursive offers all kinds of opportunities for focused skill work (both on an individual basis an in very small groups).  As someone with zero athletic background who is still learning basic body awareness, opportunities to work on specific movements appealed to me.

Moreover, Recursive’s community is vibrant and highly cohesive.  People make friends here – not just gym friends, but real friends – and that’s exactly what I’m looking for as a newcomer to Madison.

I love that Recursive takes a grassroots approach to recruiting its coaches.  Many of the trainers began as members, and eventually graduated to become coaches.  They are personally invested in this gym and in the development of its community.  They aren’t lateral hires from other boxes; they’re people who grew up at Recursive, who developed as athletes at Recursive, and who are eager guide and support their friends.

My biggest accomplishment so far has been PRing my power clean at 145 pounds!