February Focuses
Strength: Overhead Squat
Power: Power Snatch
Skill: Kipping

Every Minute For 10:00
5 High Hang Power Snatches

For Time (Cap=12:00)
50 Deadlifts
50 Hang Power Cleans
50 Shoulder to Overhead
50 Back Squats
*Perform 1 Burpee at 1:00 Mark; Perform 2 Burpees at 2:00 Mark; Perform 3 Burpees at 3:00 Mark; Follow This Pattern Until All Reps Are Completed (Cap=10 Burpees)

Purpose of the Workout:
Welcome to February! This month our power focus is going to be power snatches. The power snatch is a variation of the (full) snatch and is characterized as power by the angle of our leg when we receive the bar. If our legs are at 90 degrees or more, that is technically a power variation of the lift. The start out the month, we are going to break the power snatch down and perform it from the high hang position (often referred to as the power position) with the bar at the crease of the hip.

The second part of our WOD today is going to be quite the lung burner! The name of the game with this one is to go out of the gates fast to get as many reps done before those burpees accumulate in the later rounds. The faster we finish, the less burpees we have to do!

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