5 Rounds
10 KettleBell swings + 4 Max distance broad jumps
*Between Sets do 10 GHD Sit Ups

100 Wall Balls for Time

*Every time you stop perform (2+2n) burpees…ie the first time you stop you do 2 burpees, the second time you do 4, the third you do 6 etc.

The purpose of the power portion is to work on explosive hip drive.We will do this through kettlebell swings and broad jumps. For the GHD sit ups, focus on aggressively extending your legs to drive yourself out of the bottom position.

We will also be working on out hip extension in the WOD in the form of wall balls. Each time we break up a set, we will have to do 2 more burpees than the last time. Try to strategize how many sets of wall balls you will have to do in order to minimize the number of burpees to get to that 100 mark!