Why CrossFit?
CrossFit is a full-body workout that builds strength while taxing your metabolism through high intensity cardio. While other classes waste time lightly working smaller muscles for endless hours, CrossFit hits all your major muscle groups and hits them hard, providing greater results over a shorter amount of time. If you’re looking to shed weight and build endurance, CrossFit’s combination of circuit training and weightlifting is all you’ve ever wanted.

Why CrossFit Recursive?
Our box (a.k.a. gym) boosts your level of physical fitness, whether you’re a gym junkie or fresh off the sofa. You’ll join a community of athletes driven to help you succeed and improve while staying safe (no 50-minute marathon workouts or barbell hurling here).

One day you’ll find yourself doing Olympic lifts. The next? Maybe gymnastics, rope climbs or strongman circuit training. Outside of the daily WOD, we are constantly offering new classes that focus on additional aspects of fitness (yoga anyone?) and opportunities to team up with other members for special events like the Tough Mudder.

Still on the fence? Come in and check us out – we can chat about the best way for you to get started!

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