Jamie McFeely

image1 (1)My aunt and cousin had been raving about this CrossFit thing for quite sometime. I was a little hesitant about it at first. When I decided I was ready I took to google to find a “CrossFit near me.” I looked around the web at a few places and ended up choosing Recursive based on the way they presented their core values and their genuine love for CrossFit and sharing it with others. As it turns out Crossift Recursive is no where near me (20 minute drive) but it is worth it.

It’s hard to name just one favorite thing so I will generalize here and say the community. The sense of community that has been fostered at Recursive is by far my favorite part about it. It feels like family. It is a place where myself about to be 30… And my 18 year old brother can both get a great workout and have that same bond or feeling of togetherness because the gym is built on such a great sense of community.

Accomplishing  a workout that on paper looks like it would kill me. To find out it only made me stronger and want to come back again tomorrow for the next challenge.