To be honest, I chose Recursive because the location was convenient for me. I recently moved to Madison and was looking for a gym close to my apartment, and Recursive fit the bill.

I’d done CrossFit before, so I knew I would like the intensity of the workouts and the group format. So far, my lazy, convenience sampling method of choosing a gym has really worked out. Recursive is just what I was looking for.

There are a couple of things about Recursive that make my early mornings at the gym one of my favorite times of day. One, it’s evident that the workouts are carefully planned. Each one fits within an exercise curriculum that has clearly established, long-term fitness goals. At the same time, each discrete workout is unique and has its own challenges. It’s nice to be able to just show up and know your workout is going to be both interesting and purposeful.

The best thing about Recursive for me personally, however, is the people. There’s a certain camaraderie that comes from slogging through a bunch of burpees together. In the short time I’ve been at Recursive, I’ve seen that the people here know how to have a good time in the gym while continuing to push each other to improve.

Meeting new people or getting to know them better every time I come in has been the best part so far.

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