I had been interested in CrossFit for a long time and had even done some very basic workouts with different apps. I got really heavily into lifting weights when I was going to PA school (I now work in the ED at UW). It was really the only release I got while pretty much being locked inside a library for 2 years.

I was a tall, scrawny kid growing up, so when I got to be able to bench press #225, it was a pretty good feeling. I also messed around with some very basic olympic lifting becuase one of my rommates was into it.

After getting out of school I started working and the time I spent in the gym got less and less. As for cardiovascular fitness, I was basically off the couch. I hate(!) running, so the only cardio I got was going surfing (I just moved from San Diego) or the occasional pick-up basketball.

My wife gave birth to our son a little over 2 years ago, and while it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me, it meant that I never went to the gym anymore. We moved to Madison last year and I was starting to develop the complete “Dad Bod.” I got a gym membership again, but just didn’t have the same drive or passion for it. I also knew I need to get my Cardio better.

So, I took the plunge and joined Recursive. It seemed like a great mix of cardio and lifting weights, which I already knew I liked. So far my biggest accomplishments have been starting to make time caps and generally not feeling like I am going to die or have a heart attack.

I am interested in the Olympic lifting, so it’s been fun to get some coaching with that. I love that I just show up and I get told which work-out to do. One of my main problems with a regular gym membership was getting in ruts and only doing the same things. I love the variety and that I get pushed every time I go. The community is also great and supportive. I love high-fiving, so it’s a natural fit.

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