Before Recursive, I wasn’t too familiar with CF aside from Facebook friends posting weird things like “PR” and “Snatch,” but it made me curious about CF.

I had been on a slow trajectory towards a healthier lifestyle (e.g., quit smoking, eating more salads), but I felt I needed a push towards working out.

Recursive had two things that made me try it out: (1) I live 5 minutes away, (2) the vibe seemed geared towards “normal” people, i.e., it seemed less intimidating for a couch potato like me.  Little did I know how many bad-ass-not-normal athletes we had!

My favorite thing about Recursive is the people.  I started Recursive as an escape; it was one hour in the day where I did not have to think about work, my wife’s cancer, or anything else because the workouts were so damn hard!

However, the Recursive community broke through my shell.  The support, encouragement, meals, and friendship has been a godsend during this season of my life.

There are so many Bright Spots so far, but one sticks out.  A year ago, as a CF newbie, I could barely do the scaled version of a rope climb.  Now, I look forward to them in a workout!

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