I was a track and field athlete in college and became accustomed to having my workouts created for me. After graduating in 2011, I spent many years aimlessly wandering around gyms trying to create workouts for myself to achieve my goals. I never succeeded. The gyms didn’t have the equipment I needed, and I didn’t have the knowledge to create effective workouts for myself.

When the CrossFit Games started in Madison in 2017, I started researching CrossFit. It turned out that CrossFit was exactly what I had been looking for all those years: programmed workouts with a focus on strength in a group setting.

A coworker and I started talking about joining, and I finally pulled the trigger. I set up a “No Sweat Intro” at Recursive. Patrick gave me a tour and answered all my questions. Several people introduced themselves to me while I was touring the place, which made me feel welcome. I signed up for Foundations that day and haven’t looked back.

My job is super stressful so I appreciate having a place to come after the end of a long workday where I can just focus on myself and unwind in a healthy way. I love not having to worry about creating my own workouts anymore. Plus, the coaches rock. I feel like I’m getting better every day, and it’s because of solid encouragement from Recursive’s coaches and the thoughtful programming. I’m grateful to have Recursive as part of my life. Thank you to everyone for making it such a great place to be.

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