I discovered Recursive as a result of something most people despise – my daily commute. Like many of us over the years family, career, and life consumed greater and greater amounts of my time and focus. Things like working out and taking care of myself got pushed further and further down the priority list.

As I drove to and from work and ironically past CrossFit Recursive I found myself running the familiar loop through my mind – I need to make exercise and working out a priority, I need to get back into a routine, I need to take better care of myself.., I need to…. tomorrow, next week, next month….. After countless false starts and battles with the snooze button I realized that being accountable only to myself wasn’t going to give me the motivation I needed.

I needed some “thing” to which I could be accountable, something beyond the inner dialogue each day in the car, the number on the scale, a “gym” where I am just a membership # among so many others. I also knew it needed to be something that fit into my busy life. What better answer than something that is only a half mile from my house and that I pass multiple times each day.

I had heard about CrossFit but didn’t know that much about it. A couple of google searches later and some solid time spent on the CrossFit Recursive website had me signing up for the No Sweat Intro. From the moment I walked in the door I knew that I had found the right place.

I realized that the “thing” I was looking for was this, a community that I could invest the time and sweat into. The years away from a regular workout regimen definitely showed but each day with the help and encouragement of the coaches and my fellow CrossFitters I am getting there.

For me the thing I like best about Recursive is the community and culture, this has become a group of people that in a short amount of time I have become invested in and in turn feel that reciprocated. I would have to say that my greatest accomplishment so far is just the fact that I’m doing it and more importantly that I am loving it.



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