Krsytal has been with us all year! She started through our 6 Week Intro to Fitness and Nutrition Program. She uses CrossFit to cross-train for hockey. You’ll see her regularly in the 6:30am class.

What was the biggest struggle you had before signing up for the 6 Week Intro?
Getting rid of the “CrossFit cult” stereo type / hype. I avoided CrossFit for a long time because I never liked the idea of doing Olympic lifts for time. To me, that screams injury. However, I pushed through my preconceived notions and was reassured that while there my be a clock, it’s a guideline and no one is forcing you to use bad form and continue. The clock is there but its not the ruler. it helps with bench marking and goals.

What made you choose Recursive for your fitness and nutrition needs/goals?
It’s a short walk from my house so location was clutch. The No Sweat Intro was it for me – no one screaming at you, just talking through goals and realizing there is a place for everyone. We are all here to be better and give our bodies the attention it deserves. Self care is one of the most undervalued habit. without your health you have nothing!

What is the biggest thing you learned during those initial 6 weeks at the gym?
That this was something I can do for life. This is something that has become part of my day. It’s not a fad or short term. I have found a solution for staying healthy that offers accountability and progress.

What are you most proud of so far?
The coaches – they are there to help and they have the tricks to guide you to success. I never thought I would be able to climb a rope. Coach Brian made me realize very early that it’s a matter of technique. Instantly coaches can evaluate what you are doing and tweak something and boom – you got it! From there you just build and build and build. Its doesn’t get easier, you get better. And you get better quicker with great coaches.

What’s your favorite gym memory so far?
The one that hasn’t happened yet – 20 double unders in a row. I can picture it and feel it, it just hasn’t happened…yet!


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