Lauren Sichterman has been surrounded by #fitspo all her life. Lauren’s parents were both D1 college athletes, who worked to give her and her siblings a foundation of healthy habits. Lauren briefly competed as a D1 swimmer and has been a member of CrossFit Recursive since May 2016.

Lauren loves CrossFit’s atmosphere because she never loses motivation and she’s never bored. She loves that each workout is different and there’s always a new skill to learn or perfect. Best of all, she loves Recursive’s community.

Before joining Recursive, Lauren the Water Mammal was scared to run a 5K. In May 2017 she ran her first half marathon (exclusively relying on CrossFit as “half marathon training”) (something she is proud of, but does not particularly recommend).

Lauren is sedentary by day as a software developer at American Family Insurance. She has had a variety of experiences as a coach and as a mentor; most notably, she has taught swimming techniques to all ages for almost ten years. She is excited to coach CrossFit and give back to the community that has given her so much. 

Lauren’s goals as a CrossFit coach are to be approachable by members of all skill levels, and to emphasize form and technique before weight and speed. She wants to help enable you to live your best life possible outside of the gym. She also wants to hear your best dad joke.