Marnie Miran

image1After living in Chicagoland for 10 years my husband, Sean, and I had an opportunity to move back home to Madison.

We were competitive gymnasts and realized we really missed having a coach and being part of a team. We had done a little Crossfit in Chicago (Crossfit Paradox) and decided to look for someplace in Madison where we could get back into it.

I googled a few gyms but when we saw that Recursive had a spot where our kids could hang while we worked out (WHAT?!?! JACKPOT!!) we were sold! Then, of course, once we toured, we knew it was our box. 🙂

My favorite thing about Recursive are the people. They are my team. They are what I loved about doing sports as a kid. I might not know everyone’s name and they might not know mine but they are always there with a friendly smile, a “this is INSANE but we will make it through together” look after being told the WOD, an encouraging word just when I want to give up and a sweaty fist bump while I’m laying on the floor trying not to vomit after a killer workout.  It’s just the best!

I did 1 back-to-back double under the other day!! I usually have to do a single in between. I think I was so surprised I stopped instead of trying to do more!
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