First CrossFit workout?
Was at Recursive on 06/01/2017. It was
2 Deadlift (155/115)
4 Front Squat
6 Toes to bar
I remember having to drop weight through the workout because I went too heavy and pretty much thinking, “Wow, what have I signed up for?”
What has been the most fun so far?
The most fun thing about Recursive is the community. The couple of Hero WODs I’ve attended and Saturday mornings have been really fun due to the turnout but even just seeing the same people in class is awesome. It’s really cool to have some place to go where people are just as passionate about something as you are.
Something we might not know about you?
I have an identical twin brother named Kevin. He lives with me in Madison.
Injury Claim Representative at Esurance Insurance Company
Favorite CrossFit Movement?
My favorite Crossfit movement would have to be Pull-Ups.
Least Favorite CrossFit movement?
Least favorite is probably Burpees. I can do them but I don’t like them. If you want to make anything harder, add Burpees.
Your ideal WOD?
My Ideal WOD is the “Cindy” WOD. Three movements that I’m comfortable with and can push myself the entire 20 minutes on.
Greatest CrossFit accomplishment so far?
Getting my first muscle-ups (ring and bar). Also, some of the early workouts I attended were really hard and had me doubting myself so maybe sticking with CrossFit in general long enough to see it pay off is an accomplishment as well.
Things that interest you outside of CrossFit?
I really love to follow sports, especially European soccer. I’m kind of a craft beer nerd, too.One of my favorite annual events in Madison is a beer event called Great Taste of the Midwest which is every August at Olin Park. In my free time I love finding new music (no genre is off limits) that I enjoy, reading or binge watching a show and I am currently working my way through the new South Park game because South Park is still one of my favorite TV shows.
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