2 Rounds
3:00 On/3:00 Rest
3 Thrusters (Heavy)
9 Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups

4 Sets For Quality
20 V-Ups
15 Tuck Crunches
:20 Hollow Hold
:20 Superman Hold

Purpose of the Workout:
As we start our first full week of 2019 after the holidays, we are going to approach our strength day a little different by performing the WOD portion first followed by our January strength focus, our core. Our WOD today is that classic CrossFit couplet of Thrusters and Pull Ups with the caveat being the fact that we are going heavy on the thrusters and will perform chest to bar pull ups since it is a strength biased day!

Our strength portion will be a challenging set of 4 different core movements. The goal here is to get the reps done but really focus on quality. This means we can break up the sets and take rest during the hold portion.

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