Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3
*Build to 91-93 %1RM

4 Rounds For Time
10 Strict Press
12 Ring Row or 4/2 Muscle Ups (Ring or Bar)
14 Alternating Box Step Ups w/ barbell from press (7 each leg) 20 inch box

We are working on our absolute strength with our deadlift today. We will being doing 5 sets of 3 repetitions building to or close to our 3 rep max. Make sure each of these are pulled from a ‘deadstop’ meaning hesitate between each rep. These are not touch and go like in a WOD.

For the WOD today we have a triplet which is strength biased consisting of strict presses, rows or muscle ups, and box step ups with the same barbell as the strict press.