Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5
*Build up to ~85% 1RM for the last set

15:00 to accumulate as much time as possible hanging from pull up bar.

*Every time you drop, you must complete 1 heavy Kettlebell or dumbbell Turkish Get up each side AND may not rest for more than 15 seconds between hanging attempts.

Today we will be working on building strength in the deadlift with sets of 5 repetitions building in weight each set. This is in preparation for retesting our 1RM at the end of the month!

After that we have a little bit of an unconventional WOD (CrossFit is constantly varied folks) consisting of hanging from a pull up bar and Turkish Get Ups. Hanging is a great way to increase your grip strength which is often the weakest link during workouts as some experienced first hand with 18.1.

Each time you drop off the bar, you will perform 1 heavy Turkish Get Up each arm. This is a great movement to increase core strength and shoulder stability.