Every 2:00 For 8 Rounds
Bench or Floor Press
5-5-4-4-3-3-2-2 + 4-6 Plyo/Clapping Push Ups Immediately After
*Build Weight

12:00 AMRAP
2 Deadlifts
4 Strict Pull Ups
6 Pistols (3 Each Leg)
8 Toes-to-Bar

Purpose of the Workout:
The purpose of the first part of today’s WOD is to work on our absolute strength related to the bench/ floor press and also add in a power component in the form of plyo or clapping push ups. The goal here is to make each set of the bench press difficult and then immediately go into 4-6 quality plyometric push ups once we rack the bar. Be as explosive as possible on the push ups!

The second part of our WOD today features heavy deadlifts and 3 advanced gymnastic movements. The goal here is to move consistently but challenge ourselves on the weight for the deadlifts and variation of each of the 3 gymnastics movements. Today is a strength biased day so challenge yourself!

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